How Much Will It Cost to Renovate in Auckland?

Some homeowners in Auckland are attracted to the concept of purchasing a fixer-upper that they can entirely renovate. What saves on the overall home cost allows them to construct their dreams’ family area, kitchen, and backyard.

Nonetheless, it’s not simple to estimate to renovate in Auckland, and most people go over the budget with the materials and labor needed to make their home livable. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to keep in mind to budget efficiently and adequately.

The Renovation Industry in 2022

It does not seem like the industry will slow down anytime soon, as more and more renovation projects are accessible. Our services at Reber Build have been our key point and have made us the best renovation company in the country.

Are you living in Auckland? If so, you might have observed that the number of renovation cranes has grown significantly, and even with all the work ongoing, that is still not enough. The house and construction renovation work has risen substantially, particularly in the residential sector, as the renovation builder industry in the region is going to an upper level.

So, if you’re planning to buy some property in Auckland and the surrounding regions, we’d like to advise you that the entire process could be insensitive.

Of course, having your own home is a huge blessing that you should thank. However, people’s mood changes with time—more folks wish to renovate their homes every time they feel like changing or seeing something new in the market and like that same concept at their home.

Fortunately, you don’t need to do a Google search if you like to provide renovation services, as our Reber Build team offers the best and superior quality renovation services in Auckland.

What are the Different Types of Home Renovation?

There are many different types of home renovation. You can choose to renovate your interior or exterior, or both. It’s also possible to renovate your garden and create an outdoor living space for your family.

Renovating the exterior may involve painting the exterior of your home, replacing windows or doors, or adding a fence around the property. Interior renovations usually come with decorating changes, such as new furniture, carpets, curtains, and so on. The choice is up to you!

Below are some of the common types of home renovation you can consider:

  • Extend or subdivide various areas of your home
  • Upgrade the bathroom or kitchen
  • Make aesthetic modifications to your home’s interior based on your ideas and mood.
  • Add another level to your home
  • Extend your home

Reber Build designs and renovates based on our client’s lifestyle and budget needs. We try our very best to make your home look more appealing and comfortable to you, your family, and guests. So, whenever you’re in dire need of talking to a renovation company in Auckland, call us right away, and our team will deal with your needs.

If your priority is your property, then the second must be renovation. Folks these days are spending billions of dollars on the renovation of their properties. How shocking is that? On top of that, renovation costs per square meter will hugely be based on your budget.

Would you like to learn the renovation cost of your place based on such requirements? Then, you can give us a call today, and we will inform you about the time and cost needed to complete it. That simple!

Where to Look for a Place to Renovate?

As you may already know, Auckland is famous for its excellent location and remarkable property. In fact, in about every area, various renovations are being undertaken. One of the things about renovating a property is improving its look and worth in the real estate market to attract families and couples to buy it.

Our Reber Build team recommends avoiding parking if there is a considerable amount of space accessible. Doing so will lower your renovation expenses, and you’ll get more focus on other renovation points that matter the most.

Consider subdividing specific areas of your home. You can also try renewing the pains of the walls. Doing so could be a great way to make renovations to your property. Keep in mind that every homebuyer in Auckland checks the property’s location and renovation.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Builder in Auckland?

Finalizing the overall renovation costs you will incur is a bit challenging. That’s because it massively depends upon the client’s ideas and requirements. Therefore, before purchasing a property, it will help if you save first. Then, concentrate on the basic things that should be renovated, allowing you to avoid spending money on useless and extra renovations at your property.

Keep in mind that most renovation builders in the region need a particular amount of money to get their services. At Reber Build, we don’t charge our customers out of their budget. As an alternative, all our renovating services are offered based on the budget set by our client.

Note that some renovation rates that can be computed beforehand are the interest rates. It will help if you have at least a five percent deposit with you and other renovation money and the interest payment for the renovation purposes.

Various renovation costs NZ per square meter developed in different Auckland regions have reached from NZ$1,800 to NZ$2,500.

Interior renovation is about NZ$41,000 and could range up to NZ$100,000. That will massively depend on the requirements of the client. For example, are you planning to make bathroom renovations? Then the needed changes would cost you approximately NZ$10,000, and the total cost will increase with a more appealing renovation.

What are The Renovation Costs Per Square Meter in Auckland?

You can follow the above guide if you wish to know the cost of renovating your home per square meter. Even though they are inaccurate, they can function as a reasonable estimate. Keep in mind that a NZ$1,800 square meter is the cheapest cost.

The average cost in Auckland is NZ$2,500 per square meter. Anything more than NZ$3,000 per square meter is a high-priced renovating charge.

Check out below our costs guide for the average renovation:

  • Roof – NZ$4,000 to NZ$9,600
  • Insulation – NZ$800 to NZ$1,600
  • Interior renovation costs – NZ$ $41,000 to more than NZ$100,000
  • Recladding costs – NZ$150,000 and above
  • House extension costs – NZ$65,000 and above
  • Joinery or windows – NZ$4,000 to NZ$7,000
  • Homebuilder – NZ$15,000 to NZ$25,000
  • Plumbing – NZ$2,700 to NZ$4,200
  • Electrical – NZ$2,00 to $4,400
  • Renovation management – NZ$1,200 to NZ$3,000
  • Heat pump – NZ$1,500 to NZ$3,500
  • Engineer or surveyor – NZ$1,500 to NZ$4,000
  • Architect – NZ$2,000 – NZ$6,000
  • Kitchen renovation cost ranges fromNZ$12,000 to NZ$22,000 for average size. For mid-size, it would go from NZ$22,000 to $28,000. For high-end designer kitchens, it would be $28,000 and above.
  • Bathroom renovation costs only NZ$5,500 for an essential upgrade with an average spend of NZ$1,000 toNZ$18,000 and more than $25,000 for a complete redesign.


Should you consider renovating in Auckland?

Most people often ask us whether renovating their property will increase its value. Our simple answer to that is yes. Home renovation is a practical way of increasing the beauty and value of your property in Auckland. That’s why having the necessary information about Auckland’s renovation industry is of utmost importance.

Make sure that you learn first the estimated budget for your renovation, which will help you make a reasonable price and profit analysis. Whether you plan to modernize an old bathroom or improve your landscape by adding a patio, the first step you need to take is to determine the cost, time, and work involved in the whole project.

How to get started with your home renovation in Auckland?

Here are some practical tips you can consider so you can start with your home renovation:

  • Create a plan
    This is vital to the overall success of your renovation project. Your renovation team will help you with this, but there are some things you need to contemplate on beforehand, such as your budget, preferred finishes, and materials.
  • Do your research
    Ensure you have a clear idea of what you like before getting quotations and selecting the materials. For example, would you like to upgrade your kitchen but are not particular about the style you want? You can get ideas from home improvement and design magazines. These resources will help you find inspirations and bookmark them later.
  • Consider all your options.
    Get further advice and proposals from various renovation companies so you can compare them and make an intelligent decision. Indeed, superior quality materials cost more, and qualified contractors charge more than less skilled ones. So make sure you check their reputation, look for hidden charges, and ask plenty of questions beforehand.
  • Allow enough time for your renovation.
    Remember that home renovation projects in the region can end up taking much longer than you would expect. Thus, it will help if you allow enough time for sudden delays. What’s more, planning in more time than you think you will need to help avoid stress when things are slower than expected.

Renovating Your Home in Auckland, NZ

You see, the key to renovating your home aesthetically yet cheaply is to set a goal for yourself. Then, visualize a picture of what you wish and renovate every part of your house with the support of a trusted renovation company like Reber Build.

Our home renovation team will guide you through each step by offering you wise advice to prevent expensive mistakes. Then, if you’re ready to work with us, call us at 02102673768 to get an estimate.


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