How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Builder?

Builders are essential workers in incorporated construction, engineering, architecture, masonry, interior and exterior designing, and so much more. It is a job meant for creating and building infrastructures and designs. Now, to hire a builder and creations does not account for free. Instead, there are proportional costs to pay, including different services and additional charges.

Here is brief information about the amount to prepare when hiring a builder.

Builder’s Cost

The most common rate of a builder’s service per hour in New Zealand starts from $33.62 to $51. Wellington has the most expensive hourly rate across the board, as the costs start at $39. However, these prices can still change depending on the location, availed building service, and nature of work.

In Auckland, the same rates for the labor of builders are observed. However, suppose the building services you look for are more like a home renovation that includes electrical wiring, plumbing, woodwork, floors and walls, furniture, and fit-outs. In that case, the mentioned rate isn’t applicable. There are additional costs to equalize the amount of service, time, equipment used, and passion.

Moreover, electricians and plumbers charge way differently from home renovation services. Here is the list of the builder costs charged from customers:

  • Electrician and plumbers per hour rates amount from $24- $35
  • Glaziers, painters, joiners, and carpenters’ hourly rates start from $24.33
  • Cabinet makers charge $29.24 per hour
  • Tillers charge $25 per hour

Note: These charges are plausible and legally based. Most of it is from Rawlinson’s Australian Construction Handbook of 2018, Edition 36. Hence, none can increase nor decrease the rates as doing so can be a form of legal crime.

Furthermore, knowing the rates charged mostly by builders in Auckland is not enough. Knowing more background about these rates will be a huge help to understand better the builders, including the type and nature of their job.


Types of Building Services

Builders, as mentioned previously, are essential workers, and they excel in the field of construction. More so, hiring their services and expertise is a must as they secure practical, sturdy, and worthwhile building outcomes. So, here is the typical type of job included in the field of work of a builder.

Granny Flats

First, we have the granny flats, which are a vital builder service aiming to increase the value of a property. This building service is accomplished only by a builder team. The job involves renovating a property to help improve space or transform it into an additional passive income source. The rate of this builder service depends on the builders themselves and the location, but mostly, it can cost from $10,000 to $120,000.

Land and House Packages

Today, investing in land and house packages is one of the most in-demand and rising passive income sources. That is why investors are hiring more builders to do services for their plans. This builder service now includes two primary benefits: one is for the house, and the other is for the land property bought by the customers. Builders effectively do the needed job if these properties are planned to be renovated or built with income-generating buildings. Still, the prices vary depending on the builders, the availed service package, and the location.

Home Extensions

Next to that, we now have home extensions which are also essential as these help increase home space. The cost of this service per square meter can amount from $965 to $2,710. Also, the scope of this service can be on a single-story or upper-floor as additional home spaces. Still, the price may vary depending on the hired builders and the location.

Another thing, doing home extensions is way cheaper than buying a new home. So, if you are looking for cheaper alternatives to live a new life with new designs and builds, you might consider availing of this builder service.

Project Management

Next, we have project management. Builders also have project managers responsible for managing the construction materials, equipment, labor, and plan. It is a crucial role that shouldn’t be neglected when building homes or other infrastructures. From conceptualization to finalization of building projects, these people are needed, and their hourly rate is from $90 to $120.

New Home

To have a new home is undoubtedly an achievement. Hence, hiring a reliable team of professional builders is needed. Now, builders can build a single-story house, and its cost can amount per square meter from $1,720 to $2,830. However, price fluctuations are still possible depending on the materials used, such as concrete and timber, design, and overall construction.


Renovating our homes is essential as it prolongs the life expectancy of the house as a whole. Mostly, the expected costs of hiring a builder and availing the services are around $40,000 to $135,000. This cost already covers the renovation of the dining, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom areas. Also, the expenses may still fluctuate depending on the materials used, labor, time, and location.


One of the most effective ways to keep a structure sturdy and intact is restumping it. This builder service involves replacing old stumps and installing new stumps that cost around $10,000 to $25,000. This price is mostly the fixed one for a house with three bedrooms.


Lastly, commercial structures are also included in the list of services offered by builders. This service ranges from $2,000 to $5,000 per square meter. That is because of the need for commercial buildings to be constructed strictly and comprehensively. These factors ensure that the structure can hold commercial needs and operations.

Moving on, let’s take a look at the matters below.

Factors Affecting the Builders’ Service Costs

When calculating the costs for builders’ services, you must consider some factors, and here are those:

  1. Builders’ Experience 

The first factor we have is the builders’ experience. Hiring a builder who has several years of experience in building is confident with his expertise in the field. This increases his rate as his expertise can be in demand among other competitors.

Also, the builder you’ll hire equalizes the project outcome. Experienced builders with much more experience have better equipment and have generated techniques to establish worth-it results. Hence, every project they carry out is in demand, and it has fewer mistakes.

  1. Specialization Area 

Every professional builder has a specialization area. They are more expert and familiar with this, although they have studied almost every building service. The good thing with having a specialization area is that it focuses more on the project needed to be accomplished. If their specialization is more in constructing structures, you’ll hire them if that’s what you need.

For the cost, the specialization also affects the hourly rate of builders. Depending on their professional, builders can charge more than the standard rate. Personalization and urgent addition of construction details can also add up to the total costs as long as it is within a builder’s specialization.

  1. Construction Type 

Next, we have the construction type. The total costs to pay for builders always depend on the type of construction they are tasked to do, as well as any of your personalization requests. So, before you hire a builder, you need first to identify and finalize your requirements for a construction project. Next, find the most needed service such as restumps or renovation. By being aware of your project needs, you’ll meet better calculations and preparation for the construction type and the expenses.

In continuation, let’s move forward to the following matters.

Things to know before hiring a builder

Hiring a builder while considering some essential things will guarantee worth-it outcomes and expenses. So, here are those things to consider:

Cost Breakdown

Builders have a variety of offered services that are priced differently. Now, before you avail service from them, make sure that you’ve done a cost breakdown. Although the exact costs are not yet provided, ensuring that you are financially prepared for the total expenses will decrease your worries and future financial burdens.

To do a cost breakdown, take half of your total budget to spend on the materials, 35% for the labor, and the remaining 15% for the approval and council fees.

Validate their Insurance and License

Professional builders studied and took licensure exams to be what and who they are as professionals. As they specialize in construction and building structures, ensuring that they have professionalism is needed. So, before you hire a builder for your construction projects, look first for their insurance and license. Check if it’s accurate and up-to-date.

Find an Effective and Expert Builder

Looking for the best builder in town depends on you and your construction needs. However, settling with the best will always guarantee you satisfying outcomes, so better look for the best builder. Whether you’re restumping, home renovating, or building a new structure, always look for the best as they can provide you with the best facilities with more minor to no mistakes. Also, this makes all of your expenses worth it.

Check Feedbacks and References

Professional builders need a good reputation as it helps to elevate their identity as service providers. Hence, before you hire a builder, first look and check the feedback and references from previous clients. If there’s nothing to worry about, then employ the builder immediately.


Builders are not professionals that must be taken for granted. They have the expertise and skills that not everyone has. Hiring one may seem easy, yet deliberating their works, feedback, cost, and background are necessary. With the information mentioned above, hire a reliable and professional builder to meet your demands and needs for your following construction projects.


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