5 Questions to Ask Your New Home Builder

new home builder

Are you wondering what type of questions you must ask your new home builder? The chance of owning a brand new home in New Zealand has appeal. Most new home buyers could customize their homes, making the property more desirable. Further, with a new home, you don’t need to think about all the concerns coming […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Home Renovation Costs


Committing to a home renovation can be one of the major decisions you can make outside of purchasing your home. Renovations come in all sizes and shapes, but more costly renovations involving reconfiguring living spaces, bathrooms, and kitchens can add up so fast. Council compliance costs, architect fees, and engineering reports can often be sudden […]

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Is It Really More Expensive to Build a New House in New Zealand?


When we talk about looking around for a home builder in New Zealand, one of the crucial things most people ask is the “price per square meter” quote from each potential builder. But, unluckily, that is often not a good indicator of the actual cost of building a house. One company may provide a cheap […]

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Builder?

Builders are essential workers in incorporated construction, engineering, architecture, masonry, interior and exterior designing, and so much more. It is a job meant for creating and building infrastructures and designs. Now, to hire a builder and creations does not account for free. Instead, there are proportional costs to pay, including different services and additional charges. […]

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